Buoyant Attitude & Fairs..!

Tuesday 4th July 2023 at 11:46

Dear followers,

I thought it was time to update my blog....I do hope some of you read this....on a short note about my health...I have had my long awaited scan to see if they can find my cancer and the good news is that the scan was clear, so no cancer to be seen, although it is still in my body,..... no further treatment at the moment except hormomes which will keep it at bay for some time and three monthly PSA tests....what a relief ....!

On the plus side the fairs have been very good this year, despite all the gloom about the economy and seem to go from strength to strength....to date I have done eight fairs in total and the only one which struggles is Ardingly....but at the inexpensive costs of these fairs, it is not too much of a worry, if you have a poor fair....the good ones outway the poor ones....you have to be in it to win it...!

My customers never cease to amaze me with their loyalty and are still very keen to buy fresh stock to the market and I have been lucky enough to find some wonderful pieces this year....two Cromwellian candlesticks in brass of the trumpet type, a rare 17thc Oak Commonwealth "dias" table, which is a small refectory table, that his lordship and family would sit at in the "great" hall...Elizabethan 16thc small Oak Coffer.... the best Charles 11 side table with x stretchers and bobbin turned legs.....small early 19thc Prattware Toby Jug....many sets of 18thc Delftware Polychrome Chargers....and one of my favourite treen pieces.....a 19thc fruitwood snuff box in the form of a bird, with punchwork decoration and bead eyes....it never ceases to amaze me, what will turn up next....so keep a close eye on my website as it changes weekly.....I continue to spread far and wide and only yesterday I travelled to Newbury in Berkshire to do a "new" fair with IACF and was thrilled to see many of my customers from that area....it was a one day fair, but very good with many sales and worth the early start of 2.30 in the morning..!

Thank you for reading my ramblings and I hope you will come and see me at one of the many fairs I do across this beautiful country and come and say hello.... I am sure I will be able to tempt you with some rare item...take care and see you soon.

Best wishes Mark....and thank you my many customers for all your loyalty...smiley