Hurricane Ardingly followed by confused Shepton...!

Friday 24th January 2020 at 10:14

Well it was off to Ardingly with great hopes for the first fair of the year....which certainly started with a bang....the wrong type sadly...we caught the tail end of hurricane Brendan and suddenly it became Ardingly under water...! The weather deterioted soon after the start and the few brave punters that came were not in a buying mood...I managed to sell a walking stick and two brass ladles to a lady who was buying props for a new film , and a nicely made ladies riding crop.....on the plus side I bought a small 18thc Oak Cutlery Tray and a nicely shaped Candlebox...

On the second day the weather was stormy and a lot of the exhibitors had left, but a good collector friend of mine called in to see me and I purchased some very nice items of treen and glass over a welcome cup of coffee....all was not lost as Bargain Hunt came onto my stand and wanted to film a nice collection of photographs in the dry , so I said they could use my stand, as by this time the fair was washed out and the public had gone home......but I even managed to sell a wine glass to the director who I think was very greatful to be filming in the dry and warm.....!

So a quick turn around and it was down to Somerset for the "new" two day Shepton Fair...we set up on the Thursday afternoon, but sadly a lot of the "buying" trade, who also turned up, were not allowed in without passes which confused and annoyed the trade as they were normally allowed to pay to come in early....this really upset the trade and they didn't return on the Friday...

Friday started slow, but I did manage some sales of treen including an unusual oak sewing box complete with compartments for bobbins and a good panel carved with a pair of Hippocampus.....I also bought some interesting items, including a carved panel of the Green Man, a Regency Fire Screen with embroided panel, a good carving of some Putti and some Pewter....

Saturday although cold was dry and the public did come in, but were not really in a buying mood and I had to rely on my regular loyal customers to save the day...I sold again mostly treen and a good Bronze Mortar....interestingly no furniture was sold at Ardingly or Shepton....a shame as it was beginning to sell well at the end of last year.

I think also the public do not like change and the fact we lost Sunday did not help....lets hope they will get used to it..!

Off to Newark next week.....I hope it is dry and a little warmer...!!