Lockdown comes and everything changes...!

Friday 11th September 2020 at 17:28

Wow it has been a long time since I have felt like doing a blog....but hey time moves on and a lot has happened since my last blog....When lockdown came back at the beginning of April. I wondered like everyone else, what the future of trading or even the antiques world would be like six months on....well the antiques business is thriving as dealers including myself have found other ways to deal.....firstly I was worried how I could get people to my website to buy things as I had relied on fairs, word of mouth, reputation.....I had a good website, but could anyone see me..? So I looked at all the selling portals and decided the most professional one was "Selling Antiques"....what a wake up call, suddenly I could be seen around the world and in the first month sold twelve items to new customers all over the world, and I have been very pleased with the sales since, resulting in a record August, beating last years August when I did two fairs in that month...!.....Plus I have had more time to go walking and enjoying the british countryside in spring time....and it has been a wonderful spring and summer for wildlife....and my dogs have enjoyed having me home with them....nearly as much as the grandchildren...!

So what for the future....well I have decided to cut right back on fairs and instead of doing 30 fairs as I did last year...I will be cutting them back to twelve, now only exhibiting at the NEC, Shepton Mallet and Ardingly, so I can concentrate more on my website and Instagram....twelve is still one fair a month...!

I am off to Shepton Mallet Showground Fair next week, providing we are not in lockdown so I look forward to seeing my loyal customers there and also finding some wonderful antiques...so keep an eye on my website.

I wish you all a safe virus free time and I look forward to hopefully happier times for all of us....