Off to Newark with Brexit done, but no Boris Bounce..!

Wednesday 12th February 2020 at 14:59

So it was off to Newark at the end of January suffering from two bad fairs in a row and just for good measure a vey bad cold and chest infection, picked up from Shepton....not the best of starts to the new year....but forever the optimist things must start to get better, now we have "brexited" and we all can look forward to the "Boris Bounce"...! 

The first day was busy with lots of punters, but still a lethargy to buy...I did manage to sell a good butter print of the union of the British Isles, followed by a fine 18thc English Delft Plate, which I had only bought ten minutes came to the fair by the way of two Belgium dealers....along with a another 18thc English Delft Plate which is known as the Anne Gomm pattern....that had spent two days on their stall with no buyers...I had to buy it...a very attractive pattern. I sold a couple of more pieces of treen, a black forest watch fob holder and a large beech nutcracker and then the day was over.

Day two started very slowly with no sales until the very end of the fair, when a nice gentleman from London, who remembered me from the "heady" days of the large London fairs bought a pair of Dutch Delft Plates and an interesting Pewter plate off me....he was very pleased to see me still trading after all these years as he said a lot of my "contemporaries" in the Oak Furniture world had long disappeared....and he has promised to keep in touch...just shows the importance of doing both days..! 

On the plus side I have been working hard on my website, which has started to get very busy with some good sales...keep watching as there are some very good items to go on, including a very nice Scottish Snuff Shoe, a well carved Nutcracker of a smiling gentleman, a good 18thc brass candlestick complete with makers mark, a 17thc Boxwood Fleam and a delightful small pair of Fruitwood Benches / Window seats only 48 inches many more items over the next few weeks.....

I look forward to seeing my many customers in the south at Shepton and then Ardingly....fingers crossed for fine weather......and a bounce..!