Scorching Newark ...difficult first day..!

Monday 6th August 2018 at 15:11

Wow..difficult first day at Newark Fair, ..the trade didn't seem in a buying mood, it was very hot and not a lot of general public, plus a fight that broke out between two dealers over stand space....not a good start....I bought a good copper & fruitwood straining ladle from the 18thc and an early form of double spice measure, so not a lot to buy.

I did the second day hoping with luck that I could turn the fair around with some more sales to the public...only problem is a lot of the stall holders had gone home....I always try and stay to the just never know who is going to come in the 2pm my hall was two thirds empty...and then it happened, what you can only dream interior designer from America came onto my stand, complaining most of the trade had gone, and she was looking to buy country furniture....what could I say.....I told her that I loved our American cousins and I had a stand full of country furniture...!  she loved my early furniture and asked me the best price for the lot..!....I gave her my very best price, and she bought all my furniture,  and turned a very poor fair into a very good shows you that it always pays to stay to the end...after all the public had paid to come in ..!